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Tagultol 2014


AUGUST 02 (Saturday)


    • 5:00 am - DUPIKAL NG SIMBAHAN
    • 7:30 am - RUSISYON
    • 9:00 am - MISA KONSELEBRADA

Lubhang Kgg. Emilio Z. Marquez, Obispo ngLucena
Punong Selebrante

Hosted by: Rush Pioneer Racing Team
Gov. Castro St. near Ritzman

    • 7:00 pm - BATTLE OF THE BANDS
Hosted by: Atimonan Parish-Church Plaza

    • 8:00 pm - KISIG AT GANDANG Brgy. Zone IV (Pageant Night)

Celebration of Tagultol 2014 starts July 28. Click here to view complete schedule.
Full Disclosure of Financial Statements

2nd QUARTER CY 2014

20% Component of IRA Utilization

Trust Fund Utilization

Unliquidated Cash Advances

Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund Utilization

Manpower Complement

Special Education Fund Utilization

Statement of Cash Flows

Supplemental Procurement Plan

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    • Annual Budget Report Previous Year & 2014
    • Annual Gender and Development Accomplishment Report CY2013
    • Annual Procurement Plan CY2014
    • Special Education Fund Income and Expenditure Estimates CY2014
    • Statement of Debt Service CY2013
    • Statement of Receipts and Expenditures CY2013

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Vehicle Type 2012 2015
Motorcycle    2.00    3.00
Tricycle    3.00    4.00
4-Wheeler    18.00   20.00
6-Wheeler    28.00   30.00
10-Wheeler    33.00   35.00
More than 10-Wheeler   55.00   60.00
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This official website of Atimonan is now more CMS

img The CMS now allows more employees (or at least one from each department) for non-technical Atimonan staff members and officers, including the heads of each office, to upload newsletters, images, edit or delete HTML content areas of the web site based on the individual users role-based permissions in the system.
Fish and Whale-shark watching

img To water lovers, one can enjoy boating, whale-shark watching, swimming, diving or snorkeling to the marine sanctuaries and artificial reefs, the home of different species of corals and fishes. A concrete artificial reef about 4 meters high and 21 meters in diameter, the biggest artificial reef in the Philippines was sunk in the bosom of Lamon Bay.
Town Fiesta & Feast of Patron

img Grandiose celebration of fiesta is a tradition that is a part of the Filipino way of life. It serves as an expression of gratefulness to the Almighty. Without them, life to the Filipinos would be a bore. This rich cultural tradition reflects the true characteristics of Filipinos ¬ religious, hospitable, warm and joyful.
Atimonan Original Dances

img Dancing in its native or ethnic form is one of the most exciting and appealing aspects of a countryâ¬"s culture that can as well be presented as tourist allure. The color, costumes, music, setting and skill or form of execution add to the appeal. Like other places of the country, Atimonan has native dances that depict our own identity, practices and traditions. The combination of dancing and ethnic music is a part of our culture that needs to be developed and preserved.




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