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About Us: Barangay Inalig is one of the inner Barangays of Atimonan. Located at about 13 kilometers away from the town's Poblacion. It is 8 kilometers away from the Maharlika Highway, bounded on the North by Barangay Duhat, Plaridel Quezon on the south by Barangay Rizal, Unisan Quezon on the east by Barangay Ilosong, Plaridel Quezon and on the west by Barangay San Rafael. It has a total land area of 211.1725 hectares per record of Municipal Assessors Office composed of six Sitios- Sitio I, Sitio II, Sitio III, Sitio IV, Sitio V, Sitio VI. Topogarphy of the barangay is mostly mountainous to plain. Almost 99% of the land is agricultural.
Address: Inalig, Atimonan Quezon
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